Friday, 25 January 2013

Friends Gardens - Jean & Graham - True Inspiration!

Do you have fruit trees in your garden? Are they old enough yet to prune? I recently had to visit a lovely garden owned by good friends Jean & Graham. While there for the morning; on the to-do-list was to prune the apple trees for Jean.

Wow oh Wow oh Wow! As soon as you drive up the driveway, you know there's something extra special about this suburban block of land in Oak Flats. To the right is a lovely feature angled rose garden; Narelle is excited with the opportunity to go back there when they are in full bloom. The grape-vine is first to greet you on the left, followed by the lovely bushy fig tree. There's plenty going on beneath the fruit trees too with Comfrey and other herbs.

Still on the left of the driveway is the kiwi-fruit, asparagus, cherry guava, almond and other edibles.

After the rose garden, still in the front yard...younger children are accommodated with a huge trampoline...The pumpkin are growing happily in and around the legs of the trampoline...and the quaint little flower garden is a great space for the lady of the household to grow all her 'girly' plants. Overall, the space works brilliantly.

As you stroll down the side of the can't help but wonder what awe-inspiring views await you when you reach the back yard. You've just passed more edibles including lemon verbena and elder-flower. 

Narelle found herself speechless as she came round the corner....feasting her eyes every which way....with camera in hand, where does one begin to take photos? I can tell you now....We found it hard to limit the amount of photos used in this post....and I'll just leave you with a small list of the photos taken that day.....

When you first walk through the's obvious that anyone can be totally gobsmacked by the vastness and creativeness that has been used in the design of this garden. Well done to Jean & Graham for all your hard work....It sure is worth it.

 Hello Jean
Thank-you for inviting us into your garden

No words can explain the beauty, appreciate the work and inspiration one gets while wandering around in this garden....I've decided to keep all the photos as large as I can...due to the amazing detail in each one. 

Everywhere you look, there's another type of plant....and another....and another........

Lovely tall corn...ready to harvest...see below!
L to R: Here's Richard and Anna with Jean
checking out the skyscraper tall corn.


Bagging your apples early helps eliminate Fruit Fly damage

Out the back: The chickens enjoy the width of the yard...
but fenced off from the dogs.

Graham pruning the Thorn-less Blackberry


Pollinators - The humble bee

Choko Vine



Richard (Me) helping Graham prune the Berries

Jean's Goji-Berry

I bet your green with envy and wondering what Jean & Graham can harvest from such a garden....Yep, there's more photos.....Jean sent me a few photos of their harvest after our visit....Wow, they must have worked hard. Well done guys!!!!


Summer Colour

Corn, Cucumber and Carrots

Sweet Sweet Rockmelon

Congratulations to Jean & Graham for all your hard work.....You deserve your lovely bounty and peace of mind that the lovely fresh goods that your eating is all organic. Well done!

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