Thursday, 24 January 2013

Friends Gardens - Gail's frog pond

Gail has been learning all about adding a frog habitat to her garden, and she recently sent me a lovely email which read:
{I thought I would show off my brand new frog pond, and give you some of the info that I have retrieved. Hopefully it will help you when you plan your "Frog Pond" lesson.

Put in a light (I put solar) to attract insects at night.

Native fish eat the mozzie wrigglers but don't go after the tadpoles.

I had great trouble getting the fish, and after trying three shops,
finally found Tony's Pet Shop at 3/232 Shellharbour Rd, Warilla
42971220 the most helpfull. He ordered the fish in for us.

Plant suggestions in and around the pond; eriostemon, lythrumsalicaria, iris, brachycome, callistemon, schoenoplectus, violahederacea, kunzea ambigui, restio tetraphyllus, nardoo, caltha
palustris, impatiens.

I also put some Vietnamese mint in a container in the water and it loves it.

I haven't got any frogs yet, but I am hopeful the next rain will bring them in.
All the best, Gail}

Thanks Gail for your lovely email, I've included some links for other readers in the plants and fish that you recommended. I'm sure you will have some frogs living in your beautiful pond shortly. Well done Gail!

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