Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wollongong Wholesale Nursery

Yep; That's another place where I work!.....and I love it!!!

Come in and see all the wonderful things happening in the nursery at the moment....
Here's a map of where it is.

The nursery was established in June 1998. We are the Illawarra's leading nursery AND the largest nursery on the South Coast.

Our staff have a combined experience of well over 100 years and employs the Illawarra's top Horticulturists. All this knowledge means we can provide you with the very best advice, and the highest level of customer service available.

We supply wholesale plants, direct to the public with our famous six-month guarantee. 

As we grow 90% of the plants we sell, you can have complete confidence in the quality of our plants.

We stock a huge range of plants, pots, seedlings, sculptures, gifts, water features, ponds, garden beds and general gardening accessories, plus a full range of potting, mulches and manures.

There is also a lovely gift shop in the nursery where you can find a gift for every person. 
A perfect time to come into the nursery for that last minute Christmas, Birthday or Anniversary gift.

There's lots of fun gifts for the children too.

Our garden club has thousands of members who all receive a huge 15% discount with each purchase. There are also many other benefits of being a Garden Club Member; including a mail-out newsletter with savings coupons.

So; whatever your garden needs, come and see us soon and find out for yourself, why we are the Illawarra's leading nursery.

Don't forget to book in for your garden class....see you at the nursery!


  1. lovely website, but no address of your business nor contact phone number were included.... when I clicked on the map link it went to a map of the whole of Australia with your location not marked.... might be good to fix that up guys!

    1. Try the Google maps link and then click the address in the top left hand corner to pinpoint nursery

    2. True..takes forever for link to show on google maps...can't understand with all the write up you couldn't add the address. .

    3. True..takes forever for link to show on google maps...can't understand with all the write up you couldn't add the address. .

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  3. Some good information here.
    You might want to check out getting a responsive design in the future, as I had a bit of trouble viewing your website on my mobile.


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