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Garden Classes - Book Now for Jan 2013

In Class - Group 4
You too can become a Practical Gardener, just like hundreds of others in the Illawarra area. All you need to do is sign up and attend a 12 month garden class held by Richard Moran at the Wollongong Wholesale Nursery in Albion Park. There are limited spaces so you need to be quick.

The next four classes for 2013 are to be held on January 5th and 19th 2013  
$35 per class for 3.5 hrs of fun including a tea break to quench your thirst. 
Saturday 5th January 8.30am to 12 Noon and 12.30pm to 4pm
Saturday 19th January 8.30am to 12 Noon and 12.30pm to 4pm
Bookings are essential by emailing Richard at
Be quick; Email Richard for more details.

The outside classroom
More and more people are discovering just how important local knowledge is when it comes to your garden at home. Sure; you can plunge yourself into those thick mind-boggling gardening books out there, OR you can enjoy learning with other like-minded people as you go. 

Sharing your own produce, enjoying lots of free giveaways, swapping seeds, buying garden items at a reduced cost, and eating lovely fresh produce are just some of the many benefits you will encounter along  the way. Did I mention that on top of all your freebies, you get a 20% discount on most items on the day of your class?

Check out some of the photos taken
at the last class for the year 2012

The Practical Gardener - Richard Moran
Teaching the class
Enjoying freshly picked food
Graham B munching on fresh picked corn
Ohhhh so juicy

More Planting

Another type of SEX IN THE GARDEN
There's always talk about Sex in the Garden 

We had a very special student yesterday enjoying the class

Building a Bonsai

Large Bonsai - Finished
The classes are held at and sponsored by the Wollongong Wholesale Nursery in Albion Park, NSW, Australia
An enormous thank-you goes out to Michael & Kylie Magill. Allowing us to host the garden classes at the nursery and offering their support has been a huge contribution in setting up the classes.

Just beautiful
So....the question now is.....Have you booked in to start your classes?
Email Richard at

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