Monday, 7 January 2013

Catastrophic Bush Fire Warning

OMG, OMG.....How hot was it today in the Illawarra?

I cannot believe it hit 43 degrees (Celcius) in Albion Park today. Here in Australia, we have the usual Fire Danger Warnings for days when Bush Fires are imminent....but until the other day, I had never heard of the Catastrophic Fire Danger WARNING sent to my phone.

The message read: 

Catastrophic Fire Danger tomorrow for Illawarra, Shoal-haven and Southern Ranges. Not being in a bush-fire prone area is the safest option. 

You can check out more information on the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

The message was sent to all phone numbers (land-lines and mobiles) across all areas at risk. (in NSW but not sure of other states).....This procedure has been put in place since the devastating bush fires which occurred in Victoria back in February 2009. Take a look at the poor wildlife that suffered through the bush fires. 

The Australian Bush has an amazing ability to regenerate after a bush-fire and Aboriginals have been carrying out controlled bush-fires for thousands of years to force this regeneration.

Did you know that in order for a gum-nut to split to allow for germination, intense heat must be reached. A heat that you can't get from anything but a bush-fire.

I was worried that my garden would suffer, but with all the mulch and the daily early morning garden survived the heat wave. 

I hope you all know just how important mulch is; not just for your garden; but for your vegie patch as well. 

You can never have to much mulch!

If you are in a heatwave at the moment, stay indoors, keep well hydrated and remember your pets too. They can't always get out of the heat without a little help from us humans.

When you do water your garden, remember to fill those bird baths...and include a few bucket lids in your garden full of water for the little creatures in your garden;
They will be seeking water too.

Are you in a state other than NSW and dealing with the heat? If so, did you receive the same phone message....?


  1. Hi Richard, I got up extra early and watered my garden well...don't worry, I didn't water the foliage, just the mulch beneath the plants. I also made sure my bird baths and lids were full of water.
    Looking forward to learning much more about gardening from your new blog. Well done Mate!

  2. Hi Nellymary, always glad you listen and learn and thanks for all your help.


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