Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Blooming Kids: Building good roots

Hi Kids! 

Last time we talked about building a scarecrow. If you haven't built one yet; go and bug your parents to get out there and help you right now.

Don't forget to wear a sun hat when you go outside, and make sure you wear your sunscreen!

Putting sunscreen on and wearing a hat while working in your garden is very important. Make sure mum and dad put some on too.

Meet Jackson and Levi. They are my two nephews. You can join them in your garden and follow them along while they make there own garden and grow some food that you can eat.

You can have fun doing the same things that Jackson and Levi do in their garden. 

Jackson & Levi

So come back and see how Jackson & Levi start their garden....and you can start yours too.

Note:       Child sized scarecrow kits will be at the nursery soon.

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