Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Who's listening in class?


Who’s listening in class?

As you all know this is the section I like, after receiving so many emails it’s so hard knowing where to start. So I will start with Jo P; Jo and her partner has recently moved to Albion Park after renovating the inside of their home; it was time to start the garden and what a mess it was. All of the trees had to be removed as they blocked the light or were weeds, so starting with a clean slate was awesome, somewhere for the dogs to go as well as the new chicken run, vegie gardens and also vertical gardens these have all started to take shape over the last few weeks and here is a picture of it so far.
How good is this result so far, well done Jo; I can't wait to see what you decide to plant in there.
And lets not forget Graham B for doing all the hard work.


Here is a picture of Jean B’s weekly berry harvest,Thanks Jean

Jean B's weekly berry harvest

Look how proud Leslie is with her spud harvest....
I like how you netted all your apple trees too....You should have good success keeping those pesky fruit-fly out of your apples.

This is a picture of one of Lesley’s apple trees all covered up so that the fruit flies don’t get in, she has also bagged most of the other trees we are trying to work out what works the best.

Thank you to all who sent emails and photos will try and post more next month.

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