Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Choko?...It is NOT!

Travelling around the Illawarra, there are still signs of this horrible weed growing everywhere....It's on my mind.....I wonder if there is a plan in place to try and eradicate it? New Zealand are making the public aware of how to eliminate this noxious weed, which is number one on the countries weed list.

It's the dreaded and very nasty MOTH VINE!

When the plant is showing it's 'choko-like' pods...these seed pods become dry and split, releasing anything up to one thousand seeds, which are spread with the wind. These dry feathery like seeds can travel hundreds of kilometers.

If you have this weed growing in your garden, you need to take measures to get rid of it. As you see seedlings, and young vines....pull them up and let them die. If there are seed pods on the vine, these should be removed and disposed of in your general rubbish. Do not put them in your compost!

You can also cut the stems of larger plants and paint the ends with a herbicide gel to prevent re-growth. If you prefer not to use a herbicide, simply cut the stems on a regular basis, and check vigilantly for any re-growth.

Be careful with the sap of this plant...The sap can be a skin and eye when dealing with it, always wear long sleeves and gloves. (not like in the photo above) 

I wonder if there are plans in place to try and eradicate this horrible weed? It is suffocating our natural bushland as well as our garden space.

This one is edible...The Choko

I have been growing Choko's in my garden for many years..and I love them! You can use them to make pickles, jams, and even sweet pies......The fruit takes on the flavor of a host fruit....for example:

· If you were to make Pineapple Jam, you could use one pineapple, and a few kilograms of Choko's.....and the finished preserve would taste like Pineapple Jam....Brilliant!!...
· If you only had a few apples, and wanted to make some apple pies for the freezer, stretch your apple pulp by substituting with diced Choko's...... Brilliant!!

Or you can simply steam them and serve with butter, salt & pepper, or make them into a lovely soup. Hmmm.... Leek & Choko Soup is sounding delicious right now! 

It's such a versatile fruit!....Do you have a choko vine? If you don't and you would like one...ask around for a sprouting Choko to plant...(they will be ready in a few months) and next year you too will enjoy a lovely bounty of fresh choko's. 
Leave a comment here requesting a sprouting Choko...and I will fix you up with someone who can help you out.

I usually get two crops each year....and often give away heaps and heaps........I think I will have it for many years to come. 

Do you have a choko vine?  
Would you like to grow a Choko Vine? 

Do you have that dreaded nasty Moth Vine?
What steps have you taken to get rid of it out of your garden?


  1. Hi Richard, Great to meet you today, looking forward to doing a few classes and learning loads about growing my own beautiful vegies and fruit. Would love if someone could help with a sprouting choko, i grew up eating these on my dinner plate and just luuuurve them.
    Cheers and chat soon Sam

  2. When the fruit are on the vines, I have a few people who will keep some aside that are sprouting, so not to worry, you'll have choko in your garden next season.


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