Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Anna's Carrots

I'm so proud of her....and she's tickled pink....about her carrots!
Well done Anna for listening in class too.
My students were all taught an easy way to grow carrots....It's simple, it works....

Just look at these babies....

Anna's carrots

MARTINS Seed Raising Plug Mix

All you need is a semi large pot! 
Fill it with a good seed raising mix which you can get from Wollongong Wholesale Nursery  At the nursery we only use Martin's Seed Raising Plug Mix.
(don't forget if your a member, you get a 15% discount)

Plant your carrots, a few weeks later thin them.... continue watering them every day...but what ever do, don't fertilize them. You will get ugly shaped carrots if you fertilize the plot. There is enough nutrients in the seed raising mix for the growth of your carrots.

Here's a photo of Anna while visiting Jean's garden....It was a lovely day with good friends. Thanks Jean & Graham for showing us around your garden.... (another post to come)

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  1. Well done to Anna, you all can have your photo's published if you send them to me on what you are doing in your own garden.


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