Monday, 17 December 2012


Growing, harvesting and preparing to eat your own produce from your garden can be a rewarding experience. For the first time gardener it has to be a major celebration to pick from your garden and then sit down for dinner and eat what you have grown , the purpose of this web site is to introduce everyone into having  a wonderful garden you don't have to have a green thumb , all you need is an imagination and me . So follow me over the next twelve months and at the end you will have your very own garden planer on how to do what and when in your garden from one month to the next.
Any one can grow these.
The above picture is from one of my dwarf nectarine trees which only gets to 1.5mts how awesome is that and its covered with fruit.


  1. Great intro Richard. I know myself I haven't looked back after being in your class each month. I've learn't many valuable lessons from each and every class.
    I have many dwarf fruit trees in my front yard. I think they are a brilliant idea for the home gardener, especially if you live 'in town' like I do.

    1. Hello Narelle i love my classes and all my students young and old as you are all here for the same reason, we all love are gardens.


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