Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Friends Gardens - Joel & Kristina

Joel & Kristina B and their problem garden.

I was recently called upon by some good friends; Joel and Kristina B. They were in need of some help to fix up their garden which had been destroyed by their very large pet dog. Don't we just love our pets? We put up with so much from them don't we? 

Once I arrived I could see the extent of the problem with the damage the dog had caused. I've chosen a few photos to show you the damage.....Oh dear!

My first though was what a mess, but after I had a chat with Kristina and realized her dilemma; I put my thinking cap on and waved my magical green thumb. After a bit of thought, I came up with a wonderful clean make over which only took about 6 hrs to complete on my own but it was a very pleasing job at the end. 

The first job that needed my attention was the retaining wall. Wow! The dog had really caused some damage on wall. It had to be taken down and rebuilt. The lawn area was worn out and very sad; and this area is supposed to be their entertaining area. I could see it all needed some help; and I was there to save the day!

As you can see; the end result was amazing, fresh, clean and green.
Both Joel and Kristina where very happy. 
While I was there I also did a little maintenance 
on the rest of the garden; cutting back and weeding.

 To finish it all off Kristina made me a nice cup of coffee , Thanks Kristina :)

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